AHCB Hippotherapy Recertification

ahcb recertification with child riding horse backward
Recertification Fee:
AHA Inc. Members: $135.00
Non-AHA Inc. Members: $185.00
AHCB Hippotherapy Recertification Application

Your AHCB Hippotherapy Certification is valid for five (5) years. Note that the valid dates are printed on your certificate. At the present time, any ONE of the following options is acceptable for recertification, in addition to the maintenance of licensure in your therapy profession:

1. Retake and pass the examination (Read an important update for 2020 testing)
2. Sustained Membership in AHA throughout the 5 years and attendance at a minimum of one AHA Conference or AHA approved course
3. At least 50 hours of education related to equine subject matter: e.g., psychology, training, riding skills

***Participation in scholarly activity not specifically mentioned will be considered by AHCB upon written request by the individual and documentation. The activity must demonstrate strong relationship to the field of hippotherapy.
Application for recertification must be submitted to AHCB and postmarked by the expiration date of your present certification. It is the responsibility of the AHCB Hippotherapy Certified Therapist to apply for re-certification in a timely manner. AHCB will attempt to contact you in advance; therefore it is your responsibility to keep AHCB apprised of any changes in contact information.

*Failure to apply for recertification prior to the expiration date on your certificate will necessitate your retaking the examination.

*Please submit application for recertification and necessary documentation together in one packet.